August, 2023

Hipac introduces Sterilwave – a cutting edge, eco-friendly, bio medical waste management solution

Hipac is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Bertin Technologies to bring Sterilwave®, a revolutionary and environmentally conscious biomedical waste management solution, to healthcare facilities across Australia. Manufactured in France, Sterilwave offers on-site treatment of biomedical waste, presenting a game-changing approach that reduces storage requirements and transportation needs.

Sterilwave leverages advanced microwave technology, dramatically reducing both the volume and weight of biomedical waste while requiring minimal separation prior to treatment. This groundbreaking innovation represents a major leap forward in sustainable waste management, aligning with Hipac’s focus to environmental responsibility.

Philip Sneddon, Hipac CEO, emphasised the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Research shows that an individual in a hospital setting can generate between 2.5 – 8kg of medical waste daily. For a 400-bed hospital, this amounts to a substantial volume of waste being transported and deposited into landfills. 

With Sterilwave, hospitals and healthcare facilities now have access to an innovative and eco-friendly on-site waste management solution that requires minimal handling and opens up circular economy possibilities.”

The decision to partner with Bertin Technologies is a testament to Hipac’s commitment to addressing the pressing issue of medical waste. By delivering cutting-edge medical waste management technology, Hipac aims to empower its customers to achieve their sustainability goals while leaving behind a healthier world for future generations.

This collaboration marks a pivotal milestone in Hipac’s journey towards providing sustainable solutions for the healthcare industry. We are excited to introduce Sterilwave to our valued clients, revolutionising medical waste management practices and paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

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