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Hipac introduces Sterilwave – a cutting edge, eco-friendly, bio medical waste management solution

Hipac is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Bertin Technologies to bring Sterilwave®, a revolutionary and environmentally conscious biomedical waste management solution, to healthcare facilities across Australia. Manufactured in France, Sterilwave offers on-site treatment of biomedical waste, presenting a game-changing approach that reduces storage requirements and transportation needs.

Sterilwave leverages advanced microwave technology, dramatically reducing both the volume and weight of biomedical waste while requiring minimal separation prior to treatment. This groundbreaking innovation represents a major leap forward in sustainable waste management, aligning with Hipac’s focus to environmental responsibility.

Philip Sneddon, Hipac CEO, emphasised the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Research shows that an individual in a hospital setting can generate between 2.5 – 8kg of medical waste daily. For a 400-bed hospital, this amounts to a substantial volume of waste being transported and deposited into landfills. 

With Sterilwave, hospitals and healthcare facilities now have access to an innovative and eco-friendly on-site waste management solution that requires minimal handling and opens up circular economy possibilities.”

The decision to partner with Bertin Technologies is a testament to Hipac’s commitment to addressing the pressing issue of medical waste. By delivering cutting-edge medical waste management technology, Hipac aims to empower its customers to achieve their sustainability goals while leaving behind a healthier world for future generations.

This collaboration marks a pivotal milestone in Hipac’s journey towards providing sustainable solutions for the healthcare industry. We are excited to introduce Sterilwave to our valued clients, revolutionising medical waste management practices and paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

Designing Environments Around Patient Care and Safety: Anti-Ligature Explained

A ligature is anything which binds or ties something together. In the context of mental health or patient safety, ligature refers to points or objects within an environment where individuals may attempt to attach or tie a cord, rope, bed sheet, or similar items to fixtures or structures in order to create a point of attachment for suicide or self-harm purposes.

Eliminating or minimising ligature risk through the use of anti-ligature products is a crucial aspect of designing safe and secure environments. Anti-ligature products prevent the attachment of ropes, cords or sheets and have distinct features.

Load Release Anti-Ligature

Load release anti-ligature products provide a straightforward and effective solution for minimising or eliminating ligature risks associated with various fixtures in patient areas. Multiple mechanisms are now available to achieve the load release function, while the underlying principle remains consistent: in the event of an abnormal load, such as an attempted ligature, the fixture will release, thereby eliminating the ligature risk. This is particularly beneficial for fixtures inherently prone to ligature risks, such as curtain tracking, towel rails, coat hooks, and more.

When considering load release products, it is essential to evaluate the potential implications once the release occurs. While these products can be ideal for low acuity environments, caution is advised when implementing them in high acuity areas, as the released product could potentially be misused as a weapon or projectile. Additionally, it is crucial to assess how easily the released products can be reattached. With the systems offered by Hipac, the reattachment process simply involves pushing the product back into the holding bracket until it clicks into place or until the magnets securely hold it in position.

Fixed Anti-Ligature

Fixed anti-ligature items are generally items that are required to bear weight or strain such as a grabrail, or a door handle.

As it is not optional for these products to release under an abnormal load, the ligature risk is eliminated by designing it in such a way that it is not possible for a cord-like object to be looped or tied around it.

Ligature Detection

In certain applications, such as on bedroom doors, it may not be possible to completely eliminate the risk of ligature. In such cases, the next best option is to have the ability to detect when a ligature is occurring, allowing staff to intervene before it is too late.

Ligature detection technology typically works by detecting an abnormal load, such as the weight of a person, and providing an alert to care staff via a nurse call or staff attack system. It is essential for this technology to be discreet, so as not to detract from the healing environment, and to avoid tampering that could lead to false alarms.

Weaponry Deterrent

Certain items, like a wardrobe rail, have the potential to be forcibly removed from their intended location and used as a weapon by patients. While healthcare staff receive training to handle confrontations with violent patients, it is essential to minimise such risks through innovative product design. Hipac provides a variety of solutions specifically designed to mitigate the risk of harm in healthcare environments. These solutions aim to enhance the safety and security of both patients and staff, ensuring a conducive and protected setting for everyone involved. By implementing these innovative designs, the potential for patients to use items as weapons can be significantly reduced, promoting a safer healthcare environment overall.


Closed doors within patient areas poses a significant risk, as patients can potentially barricade themselves or others away from staff, visibility, access, and assistance. To address this challenge, a comprehensive range of anti-barricade solutions has been developed, enabling staff to overcome barricaded doors and swiftly gain access to the patient.

These solutions offer multiple levels of barricade over-ride mechanisms. For instance, some doors are designed to swing outward in emergency situations, allowing easy access for staff. Additionally, certain mechanisms are integrated into the door locks themselves, effectively countering tampering and attempts to prevent staff from unlocking the door. By implementing these anti-barricade measures, healthcare facilities enhance the safety and security of both patients and staff. Swift access to patients behind closed doors becomes possible, ensuring timely intervention and support when needed.

Abuse and Durability

Abuse and Durability In mental health settings, the fixtures and fittings play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of individuals.

They must not only endure targeted abuse but also withstand any resulting damage without posing a risk of self-harm or harm to others. Additionally, it is essential that these fixtures do not interfere with critical safety mechanisms, as they are integral to maintaining a secure environment. By withstanding rigorous abuse and preventing harm, these fixtures and fittings contribute significantly to the overall well-being and protection of individuals in mental health settings.

The Door Hardware Federation Technical Standard (DHF TS001) is the most relevant and recognised independent guideline available internationally to test and grade the ligature capabilities of hardware products. Testing with this standard varies depending on the nature of the product and how it is to be installed. Products are classified into categories (A,B or C) to determine which test is to be applied and are then graded according to ligature resistance from 1 through 4, with 4 being the highest/safety grade. The testing method and grade can then be combined (e.g. A4), and this rating applied to individual products.

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